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The children’s category is coming back this year. Children qualify when one of their Parents have a derby ticket. We will give out $5000 in children material prizes.
Tickets can be purcahsed via Etransfers to society@binche.ca. We will send tickets via Text Message so please include a cell number in the message area of etransfer.

Ticket Sellers:

1. BNK Automotive – FSJ

2. Canco – Suspenders General Store – FSJ

3. Binche Bay Store & Fuel – Binche

Tickets are $90 for both Rainbow & Char divisions
Qualifying fish for Rainbow changed from 8lbs to 6lbs and Char from 7lbs to 5lbs 
Campsites are free this year.

Boat Launch – Free this year

Or Buy your tickets now at these locations!

  • BnK Automotive
  • Canco – Suspenders General Store
  • Binche Bay Store & Fuel

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