Chief Candidate Resignation (2)
To all Binche Whut'en eligible voters. Chief candidate Dwayne Martin will be …
Chief Candidate Resignation
To all Binche Whut'en eligible voters, Dustin Duncan has stepped down from …
Binche Whut’en By-Election Voting Instructions
Listed below are all the candidates for the Binche Whut’en 2021 By-Election. …
Binche Whut’en By-Election Delayed
Due to the tragic loss of Timothy Haskel, the Binche Whut'en 2021 …

Welcome to the Binche Whut’en website. We are a small reserve located north west of Fort St. James along Stuart Lake. We are part of the Dakelh people, also known as Carrier. Here we will post relevant news to our members, and our village.

  • Dakelh Worldview respects clan traditions, Dakelh values, cultural teachings, family, and community knowledge.  Binche Whut’en must respect the voices, concerns, ideas and input from the community
  •  Binche Whut’en has the right to self-determination.  We have the right to govern ourselves and to follow Dakelh ways.
  • Binche has traditional laws, bylaws, and codes that protect the people, lands, and animals on our traditional territories.
  • Binche governance is transparent, performance-based, and aligns with Dakelh values.
  • The principles of fairness, honesty, equity, and sustainability will guide all decisions concerning our human resources, animal resources and land resources.
Community Centre Grand Opening with elder Betsy Dennis