Dear Member,

We hope this letter finds you in good health;

Chief Anatole and Council want to hear from you. Do you wish to bring a proposal or a concern to Council; or discuss a matter with your Council? We are here for you!

There are many ways to discuss matters with your Council. Council cannot discuss matters brought by a “third person” and can’t consider issues brought up by an individual that isn’t you. Council also acts as a whole and all Councillors must be included in discussions. This is the best practice to ensure transparency in your local government and allow each and every member a voice. If you are nervous you may bring a friend, an advocate or support person with you.

Below is the process to have your voice heard on the monthly Council agenda.

1) You may provide a letter to the Band Manager or the Administrative Assistant that will be included on the Agenda for Council and you will receive a written response from your Council.

2) You can be included on the Council Agenda as a delegate at the beginning of the Council meeting. Call the office and ask to speak to Dave Birdi or Veronica Duncan and they will ensure you are on the Agenda for 9AM (let them know how much time you need). This option is best for presenting a formal proposal to the Council concerning land use, business ideas, program ideas, community concerns and community events. Managers email is [email protected] and Veronica’s email is [email protected]

3) Speak to Council in the monthly Community Open Forum hosted at the end of every Council meeting. This Forum allows any member to speak to Council for up to 10 minutes on any subject concerning the community. This option is best for general matters, but not for discussing personal or confidential matters.

4) If you have a personal or confidential matter regarding yourself or another matter such as dangerous or illegal activity, or a health and safety concern the Chief and Council are happy to have you discuss this matter during the In-Camera section of the monthly meeting. The In-Camera section is held at the end of each meeting and is highly confidential. This may also be done virtually with your confidentiality assured, but please let Kelley or Kayla know that you want to be included to guarantee you the time you need with the Council; you do not need to tell them what you wish to discuss.

All members are welcome at all open Council meetings. Our next Council meeting is December 1st at 9:00AM. Contact Paul and he will send you the link to join virtually as Council respects all Provincial health protocols during this Covid restriction and is meeting virtually.

To be included on the Agenda please let Kelley or Kayla know your wish no later than noon on the Thursday before each meeting. All Agenda items must be sent in no later than noon on November 26th to allow our Ex Admin Assistant time to include them, as the Agenda goes out the next day for the December 1, 2020 meeting.

Council encourages members to participate in all open meetings. The Chief and Council meeting is held the first Tuesday of every month and we hope to see you there. Please contact Paul Haskell at [email protected] to have the link to join the meeting virtually sent directly to you. Council would be honored to support you and hear your voice. We look forward to your participation in Binche Whut’en meetings.

Sincerely and with kindest regards,