Dakelh Jurisdiction Name Vote

The Binche Whut’en Child Welfare jurisdiction working group is looking for a title for it’s jurisdiction laws. This vote is open to Binche Whut’en members only. Please see the link below for the survey to vote on a traditional Dakelh name. The vote will be open until May 15th, 2023.

Binche Child and Family Jurisdiction hosted two language meetings to create a glossary of Dakelh terms for our future law. Over 30 people attended to exchange knowledge, language, laughter and share memories. Most of the day was spent immersed in our Dakelh language. This group created 4 Dakelh terms that reflect the overarching goal of our Binche Child and Family Services law. A few weeks later, a smaller group of language speakers met to review the glossary and the proposed terms. This group created an additional Dakelh term for our law. Now it’s your time to contribute to this process. Binche members can select one term out of the 5 that they feel best representsĀ our Child and Family Services law. The term that has the most votes will determine what we will call our Binche law moving forward. Please vote once and remember to provide us with your contact information because each person who votes will be entered into a draw.