Binche Whut’en By-Election Voting Instructions

Listed below are all the candidates for the Binche Whut’en 2021 By-Election. Mail in ballots have been mailed to all eligible voters that we have an address for. Ballots include 1 Chief (On Reserve) and 1 General Councillor (On Reserve). Depending on where you live and when you receive this ballot, voting online may be the only way to ensure your vote is received on time. Voting in person will be available on February 26th at the Binche Whut’en Community Centre from 8:00am to 8:00pm. Strict Covid-19 safety rules will be put in place. Masks will be mandatory and only one person will be admitted at a time. We encourage online voting and mail in ballots to ensure the safety of our members, and only resort to in person voting as a last resort. 

Dwayne MartinChief
Tracy AnatoleChief
Dustin DuncanChief
Richard AustinGeneral On-Reserve Councillor
Davis MonkGeneral On-Reserve Councillor

Please note, online votes are final and irreversible, so corrections via mail-in ballot or in person voting will not be an option once you cast your vote online.

To vote online, go to and click on the red “Sign Up to Vote” button. Online voting should be available starting tomorrow, February 10th, and will continue until February 26th. 

Sincerely Paul Haskell / Electoral Officer
Binche Whut’en

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