Candidate Forms and Instructions

Attached are all required forms for accepting your nomination for Binche Whut’en Chief or Councilor. You have until February 1st, 2021 to complete and get all the forms back to me. If any forms are not returned to me before the deadline, you will be disqualified from the Binche Whut’en 2021 By-Election.

Two of the forms titled “VERIFICATION FORM” and “VERIFICATION FOR ARREARS PAYMENT AGREEMENT” must be presented to, and signed by Norman Alexis at the Binche Whut’en band office. You do not need both forms signed, it is either one or the other, depending on if you owe arrears.

The “DECLARATION IN LIEU OF THE RCMP CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK” form will be used as a placeholder until we receive your actual criminal record check. Please submit your completed criminal record check forms as soon as possible, as we will not likely get it before the deadline. Please note any “indictable offences” will disqualify you from the election, so please think carefully about accepting if you do have indictable offences, as this can complicate the election process.

Please note, in the event that an offence on your criminal record shows an offence that can either be an indictable offence, or a summary offence, the onus will be on you to show that your charges did not proceed by way of indictment or that they received a pardon. This can be a letter from the court where the charges were settled. Your criminal record may not show the results of these charges; therefore, they may not be adequate on their own to prove your eligibility.

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