Job Opportunity – Band Operations Manager

POSITION TITLE: Band Operations Manager

GRADE CLASSIFICATION: TBA (assessed from 6 to 7)


SUPERVISOR’S TITLE: Chief (as representative of Binche Band Council)


STATUS: Full-time (37.5 hours per week) at Binche Whut’en



A Dakelh World View:  Values and Principles for Binche Band Employment

  • We respect our Dakelh Worldview and Dakelh values, clan traditions, cultural teachings, family, and community knowledge.
  • We govern ourselves, follow Dakelh ways, and have rights to political, economic, social, and cultural freedom.
  • We respect the voices, concerns, ideas, and input of the community.
  • We have traditional laws, bylaws, and codes that protect our people, our lands, and the animals on our traditional territories.
  • Our governance is transparent, performance-based, and aligns with Dakelh values.
  • The principles of fairness, honesty, equity, and sustainability guide our decisions and the protection of our resources.

Education and Experience

  • A degree in Commerce, Business Administration, or Leadership and Management (or a related degree) is an asset but not required.
  • 3 to 5 years related business and management experience is an asset but not required

Skills Required

  • Ability to treat Binche Whut’en members with respect and to be considerate of the detrimental effects of colonization and residential schools on Indigenous people.
  • Must demonstrate principled and ethical leadership.
  • Excellent communication skills both orally and written.
  • Well, developed interpersonal skills with a high degree of emotional intelligence.
  • Strong management, coaching, and mentoring skills.
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook).
  • Strong presentation skills and ability to motivate and inspire others.
  • Strong public relations skills and ability to build strong working relationships and networks of support.
  • Must have a comprehensive understanding of Indigenous issues and practices and be understanding of the damaging effects of colonization and residential school experiences on Indigenous people.
  • Must have a valid Class 5 Driver’s License (is an asset but not required).
  • Level I First Aid is an asset.
  • Management Skills for Supervisors training is an asset.
  • Project Management skills training is an asset.
  • Conflict resolution and mediation skills training are assets.

Scope of Communication and Interactions

  • Direct and frequent contact with Chief and Council.
  • Direct and frequent contact with Binche Whut’en members.
  • Government contacts at the Director level.
  • Business and Industry contacts at the senior executive level (project related).
  • Direct and frequent communication with the Binche Keyoh Bu Society

Level of Authority

  • Strategic direction provided by Binche Whut’en Chief and Council.
  • Extensive decision-making authority on implementation of strategic and tactical plans.
  • Independent decisions on how tasks and activities are accomplished.

Please send resumes to

Closing date: Open until filled.